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Vietnam, China, and Me
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Gianhập: Nov.15.2002
Nơicưtrú: Global Village
Trìnhtrạng: [hiệntại không cómặt trên diễnđàn]
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Vietnam, China, and Me

Re: Is Vietnamese Sino-Tibetan

From: Tay Wee Wen
To: dchph

(1) I believe you must have been to China and have studied Chinese characters. (2) It would be interesting to know when did you started learning Chinese characters and is it difficult for you? White man and Indians have been complaining about the incredible difficulties in Chinese characters. (3) Also, are you able to read Chinese books?

I saw you reply and I agree I mis-understood the Vietnamese lexicon, so my estimate that I understood 70% of the passages is not correct. Also I think Vietnamese independence is a good thing. It allowed the spread of Confucius civilization (may be you would be uncomfortable with this term) to Mekong Delta, taking over Indian culture. If Vietnam remains inside China, she would that have such a vigor and vibrancy. That is my personal opinion.

(5) But I am aware that your judgment of China can be quite true. Many Chinese including me still consider Vietnam part of our culture. To take Vietnam has been a latent thought among many Chinese (also to give aid to Vietnam when she is trouble). That is just a very remote thinking, please do not take it seriously as I am honest what Chinese are thinking. For me independent Vietnam’s independence since AD1000 proved to be great as I see your people advancing south wards.

Also when I read biography of Ho Chi Minh and his suspicions of China, I would say he is accurate.

Tay Wee Wen

(1) I have been to China, north and south, east and west, at least 15 times, each time 3 to 5 weeks, since the time China had been still a very backward country. Some Vietnamese readers have related my trips to my writings and have accused me of being a Chinese spy. I do not blame them. In the prelude of Japanese invasion to China 1937, there had been such Han traitors having played such betrayal role.

(2) For me acquiring Chinese at an academic level has not been much difficult but for those white men that must be. For a Vietnamese, the learning curve could be a half easier, though, because there are many similarities in Vietnamese and Chinese. Since post secondary school years when I discovered that Vietnamese is so close to Chinese, I continued to study Chinese in colleges and have learnt more through fieldtrips and research.

(3) I have read most of Chinese classics, "Romance of the Three Kingdoms", "The Water Margin", histories, linguistics, etc., of course in Chinese.

(4) Vietnam and China could have been natural good neighbors if China's rulers have not been always eyeing the litle Confucian country's territory and resources all along. The Vietnamese respect and value Chinese culture much more than any other Sinoxenic . While many Vietnamese were of Chinese descents, however, if China invades Vietnam, they would fight against it for sure. I would believe that the Taiwanese would react the same to defend Taiwan. Today's Vietnam would be another image of Taiwan 934 years later after her independence.

(5) To realize their thirst of power to rule the whole Vietnam after having succeeded in North Vietnam, Ho Chi Minh and his communist followers had received all the material assistance from China in order to fight against the US interests in South Vietnam during the Cold . In return for all Chinese assistance, their fight would benefit China in bringing in Vietnam under the umbrella of Chinese imperialist communism in the end. For that reason Vietnam and her people did not owe anything to China, but on the contrary, China did with blood debts for that China war. For the Vietnamese, therefore, the greatest crime committed by the Vietnamese communist party was to have defeated the US; otherwise, the US must have sucessfully helped build Vietnam a great free and prosperous country in Southeast Asia by now.


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Jun.9.2013 09:25 am
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