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Escape from New York....
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Gianhập: Nov.15.2002
Nơicưtrú: Global Village
Trìnhtrạng: [hiệntại không cómặt trên diễnđàn]
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Escape from New York....

Ghichú: Tôi mới nhậnđược email của một ngườibạn mới từ New York về... Email viết hayquá... dchph


Hi buddy,

Glad that nothing big happened in Pnom Pheng where you were there.

I was in ... New York last week, living as a bum for almost one week. A
friend of a friend let me stay in his place, so the whole day I wandered
around New York, reading subway maps and venturing around. It was hot,
humid and very muggy, cloudy with thunderstorms. Subway stations are like
inside the sauna, suffocating. Other than that, I love the city - so
energetic and lively. It is Europe on the big scale. It was so big that I
barely have time to see all, mostly Midtown Manhattan and Lower Manhattan,
didn't check out the museums and the shops, just walking, a lot of walking
and seeing people. When I was tired I find a coffee shop, brought out a
book to read and watched people walking by. Life is good, you know. I
guess I was born a bum and not made to work anymore :-).

My friend's place is in Astoria, near Queen. It was nice and safe beyond
imagination, I walked around with him and his daughter every late afternoon.
Most of the folks there are elderly Italians, Sicilians and Greek.
Streets there were quiet, tree-shaded, peaceful, with some groceries shops
and small restaurants, coffee shops. Every house has a backyard or front
yard to grow vegetable, tomatoes and grapes, a lot. They use the home grown
tomatoes to make sauce for the whole year, they also make wine from the
grape. My friend San, is into bonzai, on weekend morning we stayed in the
backyard to enjoy coffee and I watched him trimming the plants. He's a few
years younger than I am but looks 10 years older. He got laid off after
911. He told me he saw the whole thing from his office window, the first
attack he thought it was an accident, the second one shocked him beyond
limit. Then he had to walk home, taking off the shoes and it took 4 hours
to get home. He still has goose bump when reciting the stories to me.

He couldn't find a job and just started with a fruit juice vending cart near
the office that he used to work. It's sad especially for his wife. For him
he can handle it. Before his wife and kids arrived to the US, he used to
live with artistic New Yorker, hippies and bohemians there. When he was in
SF a long time ago, we visist a friend of his in a town called Bolinas,
north of SF where the original hippies folks "migrated" there and continued
with their lifestyles. His dream is to open a gallery selling pictures from
artists in VN, he already has about 50 paintings sent from his friends and
on Sunday, we were in the backard shooting pictures of the paintings to
prepare for his website.

I didn't have many changes to sample out New York food b/c his wife insisted
to eat at home and her dishes were exceptional tasty. They are from Bi`nh
DDi.nh, near Quy Nhon so I had a chance to enjoy her authentic food,
everything goes with ba'nh tra'ng. They eat ba'nh tra'ng with regular food,
as snacks, in other words, in all meals. Her version of ba'nh xe`o is good
and different from the South and we ate it with ma('m ne^m, not nu+o+'c
ma('m pha.

I had Italian food in Little Italy in Manhattan once, the Italian town is
real little now, reduced to only a few blocks on one street, surrounded by
the Chinew folks all over. But they're truely Italian, waiters were crappy
and had little patience, like New Yorkers I guess. When there's no guests,
they waited at the doors picking on women walking by: "Do you want free
foot massage? ", for example.

One of my favorite place was probably GreenWich village, SOHO (gallery
towns), it's the university town, good restaurants and cute shops, the gay
are present there, too. Coffee shops have sidewalk seats like in Paris,
bakery, capuccino, expresso were good and street musicians were talented.
New Yorker are said to be very proud if not arrogant. My time there were
too short to experience everything so I guess I'll come back some day.

I could have extended my stay there and I'm glad that I didn't otherwise I
could have got stuck in the city today with the blackout, which would be no

Have a nice weekend everybody,



Aug.15.2003 10:29 am
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