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China no longer the choice of Vietnamese travelers for outbound tours
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Gianhập: Nov.15.2002
Nơicưtrú: Global Village
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China no longer the choice of Vietnamese travelers for outbound tours

C. V

VietNamNet Bridge – China, the neighboring country with high cultural and historical values, was once the favorite choice for Vietnamese travelers. However, things are changing: they tend to go to Thailand, Singapore, Japan or South Korea.

Tours to China not favored anymore

The number of Vietnamese travelers who want to go to Chinese cities has been decreasing steadily. Nguyen My Phuong from Huong Giang travel firm said on An ninh thu do that her firm does not organize regular tours to China, while it only organizes tours when orders come.

“We recently have not got any orders to organize tours to China from clients, while no one has called and asked information about the tours,” she said.

Luu Duc Ke, Director of Hanoitourist, has also confirmed that the number of Vietnamese travelers to China and the number of Chinese travelers to Vietnam both have decreased. “In some cases, we designed tours already, but as there was no client, the tours were canceled,” Ke said.

He added that a lot of families and individuals initially decided to travel to China, but they then changed their mind, choosing other destinations and short term tours which have lower costs, such as Cambodia, Singapore, Malaysia and Thailand.

Meanwhile, a tour operator of a travel firm, who asked to be anonymous, has revealed that many tours to Beijing and Shanghai designed by his firm have been canceled, because the firm could not find enough travelers as requested to be able to enjoy preferential airfares.

Meanwhile, some travel firms say they still have regular travelers who book tours to China, but they fear the number of travelers would decrease in the time to come.

Pham Thi Ngoc, PR Director of Hanoi Redtours, said that the firm now has stable numbers of travelers who plan to go to China, and that every month, the firm organizes tours for six or seven groups of tourists. However, Ngoc thinks that the number of tourists to China may decrease.

Sources said that Vietnamese travelers now refuse to go to China, partially because of the information that some Vietnamese travelers, who arrived in Guangzhou, were still allowed to enter the city even though no stamp was made on their passports to certify the entry. This has raised worries that troubles may occur during the time the tourists are in China.

Vietnamese travelers flocking to Thailand and Singapore

Tien phong has quoted Dang Nguyen, Head of the Outbound Tour Division of PIT Tour as saying, “that over the last month, the firm has to move heaven and earth to arrange coaches for Vietnamese tourists in Thailand. Especially, some groups of tourists have to visit a shopping mall in Thailand just to be able to use the coaches of the mall.”

Coaches to carry tourists are seriously lacking in Thailand due to the sharp increase in the number of Vietnamese tourists in the country.

“Many Vietnamese people travel to Thailand these days. Safari World in Thailand some days received up to 50 groups of Vietnamese tourists, which is 10 times higher than that in ordinary days,” Nguyen said.

Director of a travel firm said that a flight of Turkish Airlines from HCM City to Bangkok one day carried eight groups of Vietnamese travelers.

Tran Doan The Duy, Deputy General Director of Vietravel, said that the number of travelers who book tours to Thailand has increased by 30 percent recently. Every day, the travel firm receives the booking from at least 4-5 groups of tourists. Duy said some days, Vietravel booked all the idle seats on the flights from HCM City to Bangkok at Lufthansa (150-170 seats).

C. V

Source: http://english.vietnamnet.vn/en/travel/11245/china-no-longer-the-choice-of-vietnamese-travelers-for-outbound-tours.html

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