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Author: dchph posted on 6/8/2013 2:15:50 PM

From: Tay Wee Wen
To: dchph
Sent: Saturday, June 8, 2013 9:57 AM
Subject: Re: Is Vietnamese Sino-Tibetan


I thank you for your help. Also I would like to ask few more questions. What is Vietnamese view on the reason of Sino-Vietnam War in 1979?

Recently more and more record indicates that the war was started by Deng Xiaoping to consolidate his power and to please the USA. Personally I found this theory extremely credible as I have not found any compelling reasons why would China want to attack Vietnam to bail out Khmer Rouge. Also I have not seen any grave provocation on Vietnamese part against China that merit a war on such scale. And evidence has shown that Sino Vietnam War has allowed Deng to purge the army.

Your sides contained the writings below. I wonder if Vietnamese is able to comprehend the Latin script, written below. I am able to understand 98% of the Character character, but I only understand around 70% of the whole passage. Also how much can Vietnamese understand Truyện Kiều : 傳翹, using Latin Script?

女丑讨华, 占有千秋, 婆权成性, 历载叶千, 巨大无双, 蝴蝶婆脷, 汉和岭蛮, 缩头乌龟, 中擦外伤, 坏而恋战, 南越百族, 湖广七雒, 独吾健在, 雄居南方, 旗花移到, 吾邦挚友, 好客有方, 来者良家, 流氓勿忘, 白藤江待, 南杀西杀, 旗中无敌, 维我独尊, 骑越虎也, 上之毋下, 入生出死, 大鱼气小, 急吃豆腐, 九死一生, 贪食疾身, 女等欺人, 小人得志,甚不可忍, 君子报仇, 十年不晚, 咱走着瞧, 霸权破脷, 惹火烧身, 九泉归依!

Trâu Ơi Bố Bảo: Trâu số đạo hoa, ngàn lẻ thu qua, hay thói quyền bà, sửxanh ghichép, cụ đại vôsong, baybướm lưỡibò, hánhởmulạnh, đầurùa lấpló, trong sứt ngoài thoa, lâm chiến bại hoài. HồQuảng dù mất, NamViệt vẫncòn, Hùng cứ phươngnam, kỳhoa dịthảo, hữuhảo chi bang, chuộngchìu hiếukhách, nhàlành kếtmối, lưumanh chớhòng, Bạchđằng BểĐông, Trườngsa Hoàngsa, duyngãđộctôn, kỳ trung vô địch, cởi cọp Việtnam, lênvoixuốngchó, vàosinhratử, ỷlớnhiếpbé, nuốtxương mắccổ, dỡsốngdỡchết, thamthựccựcthân, lũbay bốláo, đắcchí tiểunhân, nhịn cũng vừa thôi, quântử ratay, bàihọc ngànnăm, tổcha tụibay, báquyền bảláp, rướchoạvàothân, ngậmngùi chínsuối !

Your side is really an incredible resource of Vietnamese language.

Tay Wee Wen

(1) In 1979 China felt Vietnam's Politburo led by First Gen. Secty. Le Duan had betrayed its Chinese masters for having gone beyond their role as puppets to spread its communism to other neighboring countries in Asia by occupying its communist ally in Southeast Asia. So when Deng got a green light from President Carter he had launched the Vietnam's invasion but he did not expect the CPLA suffered such a heavy loss.

(2) You are right. Chinese leaders have always done so.

US Ex President Jimmy Carter in his speech given at the Press Club invited by National Public Radio that re-broadcast on its FM station on Saturday March 2nd, 2013, mentioned that in the late 1978 when he met with China's Politburo's General Secretary Deng Xiaoping to sign the peace treaty with between the US and China, Deng revealed his plan to invade Vietnam to Carter for her betrayal to China only less than 4 years after the Vietnam War end in April 30, 1975, with China-assisted VN troops fighting against the US troops. Carter had insisted Dang not to let his C foot soldiers to stay in VN too long because China had just signed a peace treaty wih the US, which in effect would make both countries look bad.


(4) The Vietnamese are always on the suspicious edge, weary of Chinese intention to swallow Vietnam. However, China may be able to bully Vietnam and Vietnam has to swallow her pride by playing underdog, but she will never be a Tibet again. History has it that China has always been very good at quelling internal rebellions but it has never succeeded in fighting against foreign invasions.

(5) All literate Vietnamese can read and understand the passage "Trâu Ơi Bố Bảo: Trâu số đạo hoa, ngàn lẻ thu qua, hay thói quyền bà, sửxanh ghichép, cụ đại vôsong, baybướm lưỡibò, hánhởmulạnh, đầurùa lấpló, trong sứt ngoài thoa, lâm chiến bại hoài. HồQuảng dù mất, NamViệt vẫncòn, Hùng cứ phươngnam..." with some explanations.

(6) You may understand 98% of the Character characters that parallel to the the Vietnamese version but only in their explicit denotation, but not their implicit meaning, for example, 女丑=you stupid cows, 讨华 playboy (=桃花 taohua) 蝴蝶=lecherous, 婆脷=women's pussy (U-shaped South-China Sea, in Vietnamese "ox tongue"), etc.

(7) I would say you might have understood the passage at about 49%.

(8) Similarly, with a little help, all those Vietnamese who have about 8 years of schooling could understand the romanized "Truyện Kiều" without much difficulty.

(9) Thank you, but I have been scolded by most Vietnamese readers for so "Chinese". Imagine, if Vietnam had not been an independent country in 939, her poppulace could have spoken some form of Sinitized speech like Cantonese or Fukienese by now. So the difference between Vietnam and China is actually of political, geographical, and historical divisions only.

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